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Current Manager of Massage Masters from August 2021. In 2018, Hussein completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage.
Since obtaining his Diploma, Hussein has implemented a continual learning mindset to build-up and maintain his skills in the massage industry.
His massage is focused on a holistic approach whereby musculoskeletal conditions are assessed and treated by viewing the whole body, not just its symptoms.
Hussein is self-taught and specialises in Myofascial Release, a technique that targets the connective tissue as an effective means of alleviating soft tissue pain, tension or soreness that may result from poor postural habits, injury, overuse from training, weakness from insufficient use and even psychological and emotional factors at play.
In 2020, Hussein has completed a seminar in The Dorn Method and in 2021, completed a seminar in Advanced Dorn Method. This allows him to treat joint misalignments. In 2021 – 2022 Hussein has completed a Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  Remedial Massage [An Mo Tui Na]. In 2022, Hussein has completed a seminar in Myofascial Cupping Technique™ and Craniosacral Release – Core Practices. In 2023, Hussein has completed an 80-hr Dry Needling Course, Dry Needling Advanced and Craniosacral Therapy – CS1.
If you require an assessment to understand your problem, deep work to get right into those knots or simply therapeutic relief from muscle pain or tension build-up, Hussein can assist you with your needs.


Former Manager, owner and founder of Massage Masters, Aldo began studying massage therapy in 1995 as a general interest hobby to his full-time aviation career. Understanding the benefits of natural therapies, went on to graduate with a Certificate IV in Remedial Massage & Certificate III in Reflexology in the year 2000. Working part-time in several clinics including a mobile service around Sydney, Aldo went on to further studies in healing such as Lithos Therapy and Reiki. In 2007, Aldo decided to open his own clinic after gaining a broad range of exposure to the industry over the prior 12 years, to put together the ‘best-of’ his massage experience to create Massage Masters. 

20 years on, Aldo has now graduated with a Management degree from UNSW and has taken a back seat from practical massage treatments to focus on managing the business. His goal was to make Massage Masters an industry leader by taking on the most highly qualified, skilled, and experienced therapists, to truly uphold the image of the business, the Masters of Massage. In 2017 Aldo decided to sell Massage Masters to focus on new interests which included setting up a charity and building a shelter for homeless street children in Bangladesh. The legacy of Massage Masters continues.